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The Way of Faith

- Experiencing God's faithfulness in everyday life -

How to live "on the path of faith"?

In short: in total dependence on God - in everything! Even before the foundation of our sisterhood, God led our mothers on this path of faith. They knew that God takes responsibility for a mission He has given. When He still leads it out against all odds, that glorifies Him the most. The journey of faith with our country Kanaan has become an overwhelming, visible example of this; on it we experience God's faithfulness anew every day.

God is the best advisor

We can testify: Our Father in heaven is the most reliable and faithful counselor, financier and provider. When we make His requests ours, He makes our requests His (see Matthew 6:33). He is resourceful - it is a small thing to Him to help us in small and great needs. We already wrote a whole book about it(Realities - God's work experienced today) and could fill many more books with experiences of God's faithfulness - and how He loves to surprise His children again and again!

No one can know...

"Father of Faithfulness" - one of seven engraved traits of God on our Father Well. This is how we have always experienced Him anew! No one can know how many meals are to be prepared, how many bills are to be paid and in what amount. As the years go by, our houses also get older - roofs, windows, water pipes need to be renewed ... Only the Father knows whether the heating oil bill is due, which hospital, medical and doctor's fees have to be paid ... His ways and help are so manifold, so imaginative and wonderful that we cannot help but be amazed.

God's faithfulness is great

Even though we disappoint Him again and again, not least through human worry, we have experienced, "If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful; for He cannot deny Himself." 2 Timothy 2:13

Practical slogans

For dark roads, Mother Basilea gave us practical slogans from her own experience:

  • God comes when everything is dark.
  • He knows your need and helps you.
  • His power makes you strong!
  • He suffers with you.
  • He always has a way for you.
  • His power to help is greater than any need.
  • He knows how much you can carry.

From the Confidence booklet by M. Basilea Schlink

Frequently asked questions

How did this path come about?

Our life on the path of faith, in total dependence on God, was not determined by external necessity, but a voluntary decision of love in response to Jesus' instruction:

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you - freely you received them, freely give them (Matthew, 6:33; 10:8).

To glorify God by expecting everything from Him - without appeals for donations, without a fixed income or government or church support - has been our longing. At a time when everyone is striving for material security, we want to present His Father-care convincingly. Christians in the end times should be encouraged to trust Heavenly Father in all areas of life - not only in daily provision, but also for finances, in times of sickness, or in old age. He is a God of faithfulness who provides for His children in the best possible way.

Does living the way of faith still work today?

After so many years, perhaps even more than at the beginning, we can answer with conviction: Yes! - even if it is not an easy path. In more than seven decades we made a pearl necklace of experiences with ups and downs on this way: whether it was the daily care and the medical care of our big family, the acquisition and the maintenance of our grounds KANAAN with all the houses - without debts! -, whether it was the construction of JESUS PASSION GARDEN and the maintenance of our chapels and houses, machinery, technical equipment - or whether it was very personal needs such as shoes or toothpaste, Father provided for everything.

And you really live entirely on donations?

Yes! It is exciting every morning to look at the bank statement, because we never know where how much will come from. Our publishing items are passed along on a donation basis (except for the price-fixed writings), and it is always a new wonder to us how God awakens people to send larger and smaller donations for support. It is no surprise for Him to cover even the large, unexpected expenses - He never comes too late, but in time at the latest!

When we are in danger of worrying, Hudson Taylor encourages us, "It is not great faith we need, but faith in a great God. We may fail, indeed we fail continually, but God never fails."

But this also includes consistently walking the path of following Jesus in obedience to God's commandments, seeking His righteousness so that nothing separates us from Him and He can continue to bless us.

Our "Father Well

... is a sign of the overflowing fatherly love of God. God did not only let Kanaan arise in miraculous ways, but also gave water in abundance for our sandy, dry land! And HE provided us with everything that is necessary for life - until today.

Seven traits of God that we have experienced in a special way can be read on the rim of the fountain:

Father of faithfulness
Father of grace
Father of love
Father of mercy
Father of goodness
Father of comfort
Father of patience


(cf. Exodus 34:6 / 1 John 4:16 /
2.Corinthians 1,3)

Song "By Faith, Lord" from "For Jesus Our King

Way of faith - God's faithfulness

In our coffee table book, God's Faithfulness Through 50 Years, you'll find an entire chapter on each of these traits of God - and much more!

Way of faith - God's faithfulness

Text of a monument in the nearby forest

The diversity of God's care illustrated in pictures....


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