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Helping out at Kanaan

- no age limit -


Get out of the daily routine - encounter God anew


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School, studies over - or time off needed?

As a small international volunteer family, we live our daily lives in a rhythm of work and prayer with times of worship and faith deepening. Meals together provide an opportunity for sharing. They are original, spicy and always different due to the cultural backgrounds. Spiritual accompaniment during the stay at Kanaan is provided for the women by us sisters, for the men by brothers of the community.

During the summer we offer a few weeks on the Canaan team for 18-35 year olds, see summer program.

"Young at heart" helpers (35 years and older)

You will stay in a separate guest house, where you can arrange your breakfast and dinner according to your own needs. Lunch will take place together in the larger group of guests.

In addition to helping in various areas of work, there is plenty of space for personal silence. Our country Kanaan with the Sea of Galilee and Jesus' Garden of Passion invites you to do so.

A field report printed by ERF Medien

In the monastery

Recharging your batteries in the monastery - a kind of spiritual wellness vacation?



Frequently asked questions

How much does the stay with you cost?

As a non-profit ministry, we take the faith walk and leave it up to our guests to decide if they would like to give a donation.


Can people come to you for a time of silence?

You are welcome to register for a silent day. It is also possible, after a personal conversation in advance, to spend a longer time at Kanaan . As a rule, a longer stay at Kanaan includes assistance in one of the work areas.


Sister Lumena

Sister Lumena

Phone: +49 6151 53 92 0
E-Mail: reception(at)



Here you can register, if you would like to receive from time to time current information from Kanaan, Darmstadt.