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The Reconciled Life

... in a community of over 100 women from 19 nations - how does that work?

The secret is ...

... the revolving stage! I do not first ask where the other is guilty, accuse him - but start to ask: Where have I failed? In the light of God, the situation often looks quite different. "Repentance - Blissful Life" is the name of one of the most famous writings of our Foundress. An unusual title - and even more unusual that it is actually true! It is not for nothing that Jesus began His public ministry with the words, "Repent - the kingdom of heaven is at hand!" (Matthew 4:17) - and in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) He gave us very practical instructions for this.

A new beginning ...

There are enough areas of friction, even in our extended family of 19 nations, from the most diverse family backgrounds, population strata and professions. Can there really be reconciled life in everyday life?

Yes - if I am willing to see myself as God and others see me. Facing the truth about myself does not destroy me, on the contrary - it drives me into the arms of Jesus. Through His forgiveness I find healing of my relationship with God and people, and from experienced forgiveness I can also forgive others.

"Repentance" - a change of direction, a new beginning. The little word "I'm sorry" is the key to reconciled life, a life full of joy and inner peace that Jesus wants to give us. An example of reconciliation between peoples here in documentary...

Reconciliation is contagious ...

Repentance has far-reaching consequences - we then experienced the grace of forgiveness on the part of those whom our people became so guilty of during the last world war. We were not only able to experience this with regard to Israel. God's Spirit drove us to ever new steps of repentance and gave us reconciliation with Czechs, Poles, Dutch, Norwegians, Danes... Through encounters of repentance and readiness for reconciliation, wounds began to heal.

This was also experienced by our sisters in the branches, whether with Indians in Brazil, with blacks and indigenous people in the USA, in faraway Australia with the Aborigines or with Maoris in New Zealand ... Yes, reconciliation is contagious!

Daily conversion as a liberating solution and source of constant joy

"A wonderful book. Many people think that repentance is a negative thing - but what's negative about getting rid of your sin? It's the most positive thing I can think of!"

Reader's comment from Australia

From our rule

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