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The Garden of Jesus’ Suffering

A garden of silence and prayer

Jesus' suffering ...

... faded memory of something we may have heard in childhood, without meaning for our life today ... - or Jesus as the Man of Sorrows, a transforming, bondage-breaking force in our lives? Much, indeed everything in our life, depends on our attitude towards the suffering of Jesus.

Three crosses

Where to find Jesus

The Garden of Prayer has become a source of new hope for many. Nowhere does the Love of God come so close to us  than in the suffering of His Son Jesus Christ.

Take time for a silent prayer walk through each station of Jesus' Passion.

Visit Jesus Passion Garden

The Garden of Jesus’ Suffering

Opening hours:
9.00 - 12.00
13.00 - 18.00

Phone: +49 6151 53 92 0

Heidelberger-Landstr. 107
64297 Darmstadt

Please ring for admission!

Walk through the Garden of Jesus' Suffering

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