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The most important thing for the end time


The power of worship

There is one prayer that should drown out all other prayers in our time: The worship of the all-powerful Creator and immortal God. When God is worshipped in His greatness, eternal majesty and power, Satan must flee. Peace and trust enter our hearts.

My father

I adore you.

You are without beginning and end, and when heaven and earth have passed away, Your word will never pass away. 

You are the completely different one. You are eternal - everything earthly is temporal and transient. Who can grasp who You are and fathom Your greatness?

Adoration to You!


From: M. Basilea Schlink, PRAY TO GOD

High in the Swiss mountains

where the steepest mountain post road in Europe ends in a magnificent alpine landscape, there is a small chapel. As unusual as the approach is, so is the text on the altar wall according to Revelation 14:7:

"Pray to Him who made heaven and earth, for the time of His judgment has come ..."

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Change of position, life in God's sphere of protection
S. Joela Krüger

Frequently asked questions

Do you have public prayer times?

Every Sunday we celebrate a service of Holy Communion at 9:30 a.m. in theJesu-Ruf-Kapelle (Jesus Call Chapel)

Other prayer times in the Motherhouse Chapel

daily at 3 p.m. our "3 o'clock prayer" at the hour of Jesus' death. Here we commemorate Jesus' passion and thank Him for what He did out of love for us. On Sundays we commemorate His resurrection.

Monday, after the 3 o'clock prayer - prayer for the unborn children.

Thursday, 7:45 a.m.: one hour of prayer for spiritual renewal

Friday, 5:30 pm Prayer for Israel

Sunday, 7:55 a.m. Sunday Morning Prayer

Continuation - Prayers

Review Rose Monday Prayer Meeting

Adoration in the name of Jesus in prayer for Germany.

Mosaic in the chapel on the Griesalp. (Switzerland)


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