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Summer program

for young women

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You long for it

  • To love Jesus more?
  • To trust your Father in Heaven completely?
  • After a life of reconciliation and healed relationships?
  • Then the Kanaanteam is something for you!

During the summer months from July to October, we offer a time to live and help for young women 18 years and older. Here you have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual life and broaden your horizons. In the Canaan Team, Christians from all over the world come together to practice practical discipleship of Jesus in everyday life. Our special summer program will take place this year from August 1-22, 2023 will take place.

It awaits you

  • Fellowship with young people from different countries
  • Bible discussion and lessons on various topics
  • Someone who listens to you with an open heart and prays with you
  • Common times with praise, worship and intercession


  • Practical assistance in various areas of the sisterhood
  • The daily hourly prayer at 3 pm with the community
  • Service or worship with Holy Communion

What did you always want to ask somebody from a monastery?

Carola Mehltretter is taking a bike tour across Europe and also stops by Kanaan on her way.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to live with you in the monastic community for a certain period of time?

From Easter to the end of October we offer the possibility to live and help as a volunteer for a shorter or longer period. In August, we offer the Canaan Team Summer Program, where young women from different countries come together for spiritual deepening in addition to helping out.

What are the requirements to become a sister?

Of course, such a question cannot be answered in a few sentences. The most important prerequisite is a burning heart for Jesus, a clear calling from God and the ability to live in community. The age limit for joining is usually between 20 and 40 years.


Sister Liliane

Phone: +49 6151 53 92 0
E-Mail: reception(at)

Face to Face

Text: Sofia Westerberg, Sara Samir, Dina Kamel

Music: Sofia Westerberg


What our teammates say


My time at Kanaan has exceeded all my expectations! When I arrived in August, I didn't know exactly what to expect, but was looking forward to experiencing life in a sorority, meeting new people, and hopefully deepening my faith. Six months later, I cannot describe what this time has meant to me, except to say that it has changed my life.

Meredith, USA

Thinking back now to the Kanaan days, I think it should be the same! With all the questions that were answered and those that were not yet answered, with the inspiring people, conversations and stories. I will definitely come back again, although I don't know exactly when that will be.

Marie, Germany