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Program for men


... alone with God
... together with like-minded people
... to unpack
... to tackle


For many years, young men have derived great benefit from a time spent at Kanaan . They came here to seek God together with others - taken a bit out of the demands of everyday life. They helped with practical tasks at Kanaan. In reading the Bible together and in the regular daily routine, in conversations with each other or with one of the brothers, they gained new perspectives for their own journey with God. Some burdens could be laid down and new steps were dared. After years, we often hear again from one or the other that this time in the "KanaanTeam" was an important experience for them.

step in their walk with God.


We invite you if you want to grow in your faith, if you want to know God's will and way for your life, if you need a time of distance to move forward. Our innermost longing is to love God above all else, with all our heart, all our strength, mind and spirit (according to Matthew 22:37) - and to practice this in community. We would like to help you with our own life and faith experience in cleaning up your life so far, and want to listen with you to God's voice, so that you can find and learn your own way with Him.



Caleb from Australia

For a long time I wanted to take time off to be away from it all with the Lord. When I finally got to Kanaan , it was very refreshing, but also challenging! I highly recommend spending time there, especially if you want to discover Jesus in a new and deeper way.
The daily routine and structure was very helpful for me, but also something I was not used to. For example, there is a prayer every day at 3pm. At first I struggled with doing something every day at a certain time that I can't change or be late for. Some days I didn't feel like praying. Some days I just wanted to rest or keep working. But as time went on, I began to look forward to the 3 o'clock prayer. I began to see it as my special daily time with Jesus that no one could take away. Moments to reflect on the incredible thing HE did for me.
I began to discover Jesus in places I had never known before. For example, walking in the garden or reading good books. I didn't have those times with the Lord before. Now I have them and it has deepened our relationship.
I really liked working with Brother Pietro in the garden and getting to know his lifestyle, both spiritually and in everyday life. Gardening was so good for my mind and body and helped me reconnect better with the Lord.
Being able to take a step out of "normal" life was invaluable to me in hearing God's voice more clearly and helping me to better shape my future. I am so glad I was able to be at Kanaan and think back to my time there often.
(Caleb is a talented "clipmaker" and also made the "testimony clips" of brother and sisters for our YouTube channel. Thank you very much Caleb, it was great to have you here!)


Brother Pietro


Brother Pietro's story