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Welcome to Kanaan


A warm welcome!

About our community

God is a royal, creative LORD who always speaks anew a "Let it be." He raises a new thing from the ruins of our lives.

This experience stands above the foundation of our Sisterhood (1947). Dr. Klara Schlink (later Mother Basilea, 1904 - 2001) and Erika Madauss (later Mother Martyria, 1904 - 1999) had given up security, position and profession on a call from God to follow God's call to Darmstadt.

After the complete destruction of the city in 1944, she and the young people under her leadership were confronted with eternity in a very personal way. Previously unrecognized sins were uncovered and repented of before God's holiness - and out of the great gratitude for His forgiveness, a love for Jesus broke through in their hearts. Out of this experience arose the desire to serve Him in common life - and a few years later the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary was born.

Visiting Kanaan

We warmly invite you to spend a day at Kanaan, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to encounter God afresh.

If you are interested in the history of our Sisterhood and have questions about our daily life, you may join us for a guided tour after theSunday worship Service.

For the Love of God

"Do you love Me?" - Jesus' question, with which everything began...

Kanaan Franciscan Brothers

Since 1967 there is also a small brotherhood

Our origin

New life out of the rubble

Into all the world

God has called us from 19 nations and sent us out to different nations....
August 26, 2023

Safe in His nearness

Cordial invitation to the guest weekend at Kanaan under the theme: Secure in His nearness (see Psalm 31:21) From Friday, 9/22, to Sunday, 9/24/2023 Arrival on Friday until 5 pm. The short retreat...



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"Spoken word - Poetry" & short messages on the current situation

A Word for the Heart

"Words for the Heart" are classic core phrases from Mother Basilea Schlink that have become a practical help and blessing to many thousands over the decades. Would you like to draw a personal one? Click on the link...

Liturgy of the Hours
In the Motherhouse Chapel
Daily at 15.00


Prayer means: talking to Jesus about everything that occupies us from morning till night.

- MB

Say to God in your distress:
My Father, I do not understand You,
but I trust in Your love.

- MB

JESUS has been given all power in heaven and on earth.
When we call upon Him, He helps us.
Then He also masters our fear.

- MB

Our daily greetings are now available as an app!

Simply download the app "Der niemand traurig sehen kann“ from the Google Playstore and regularly receive your personal daily greeting directly to your Android smartphone.

Alternatively, you also have the option to purchase the daily greetings as a book in our store.


Here you can register, if you would like to receive from time to time current information from Kanaan, Darmstadt.