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About us

A brief overview...

In war-torn Darmstadt there was a revival among young people in 1944, and in 1947 the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary wasfounded under the leadership of Mother Basilea Schlink and Mother Martyria Madauss.

"Cross and Crown of Thorns" is the sign of our community: under the cross we receive the forgiving love of Jesus anew every day - the thorns belong to Jesus' way of humility and also to the way of following the cross on which Jesus called His disciples.

Main mission: Reconciled life out of love for Jesus in trust in God.

Prayer - for our people, God's people Israel, reconciliation among the nations.

Through the Internet and literature in many languages we want to help to strengthen the Body of Christ in the challenges of our times, and to prepare Christians for the return of Jesus.


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