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For the Love of God

Our heart

Do you love Me - more than anything else, anyone else? Jesus addressed this question to Peter after His resurrection. Each of us had to personally answer this call of Jesus. It is not primarily about our doing, but our being - very practically in everyday life. For the love of God - that is the heart of our vocation.

Without a career?

To follow a vocation out of Love for God - without the prospect of a career, unmarried, without private property - is a great challenge in our consumer-oriented times. A committed life in following Jesus is not necessarily easy - but it is worth it!

Inconceivable: Jesus, the Son of God, longs for the love of us human beings - He alone can fill the deepest longing of our hearts and give a joy that no one can take from us. Out of this love, His Word becomes more and more precious to us, and the desire in us grows to fulfill His commandments - which are, after all, His desires for us.

A Desire of Jesus' Heart

Jesus' last request was that all His followers be one among themselves (John 17:21). That is why we were called the "Ecumenical Sisterhood of Mary" in the beginning. In 1947 this was very unusual. The walls between the denominations were so high that they often blocked the view of each other. However, as an ecumenical movement developed in later years that also sought to integrate non-Christian religions, we changed our name to "Evangelische Marienschwesternschaft" (Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary).

We rejoice in the ecumenical awakenings of our day as we find ourselves under the cross of the Son of God.

Do you have any questions?

Why Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, accompanied her Son in love and faithfulness from the manger to the cross. It is our concern that she be given the place on the evangelical side that she deserves according to the Holy Scriptures (Luke 1:48). In the words, "Whatever He says to you, do" (John 2:5), Mary expresses her unreserved devotion and trusting obedience. These words are also binding for our journey in following Jesus.

.... and what is your relationship with the church?

For a long time now, a development has been underway that we are less and less able to follow, since we have a different understanding of Scripture than our Protestant church now largely has (see"What we believe"). We wish that our church would once again place the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ at the center. We believe that the church of Jesus is coming together from all directions - including Messianic Jews - to form a Christ-centered ecumenism and still has a very great commission to fulfill in our time.

Are you accepting new sisters - and under what conditions?

If someone would like to give his or her life completely to Jesus here in Kanaan, we would be happy to hear from you. The possible age of entry is between 20-40 years, and a longer time to get to know each other on Kanaan is important before such a decision can be made. More information is available upon request.

How can I please Jesus?

From "All for One" by M.Basilea Schlink

"There is no love perfectly happy
except that,
with which a man loves God -
and no fidelity is completely blissful
except that,
wherewith a man cleaves to Christ."

Sören Kierkegaard


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