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"In the coming weeks, he'll get a lot of attention again ...

Sister Joela KrügerEvangelical Sisterhood of Mary e.V.


And this despite the threat of war, the energy crisis and the Corona crisis. He is so influential because he is not talked about. - Not in politics and society, and even in the church his name is not mentioned if at all possible.

Nevertheless, there are numerous educational institutions and concentration camp memorials that warn us of what is happening through its power. Stunned, we stand before the concentration of sadistic malice and cruelty - perpetrated by ordinary fellow citizens like you and me - and find no answer. If hell can be so real on earth, how real will it be in eternity?

Actually, any kind of humanism would have to capitulate here, because the naive belief that man is good in essence has already disproved itself. Nevertheless, we continue to be led in the wrong direction by the "unnamed unknown." This explains why everything gruesome has become increasingly attractive and has developed into a highly lucrative business. The game of torture, blood, hell, death and the devil is offered in a variety of entertaining ways and perfectly staged, not least by Halloween.

The creepiness threshold is lowered,
Children and young people are at the mercy of no protection.

We were shocked to see that even small children are included, there are "children's Halloween". For these little ones who love to dress up so much, costumes are offered such as demon monk costumes, weirwolf, zombie costumes, vampire and grim reaper costumes and much more. Horrors through which children are practically taken into the ugly, dark, evil. Death - instead of celebrating beauty, the Love of God, Light and Life with them. And so they are drawn into dark machinations at a very early age. An important reason and call to pray also just in this direction for children and young people, but also for their parents.

How did Jesus deal with this "unknown"?

When Jesus finally starved after 40 days in the desert, the "unknown man" left his anonymity and confronted Jesus head-on. At the third attempt, he made Him the greatest possible offer: All the kingdoms of this world with all their glory shall fall to Jesus - if, yes, if He would fall down before Him just once. What an offer: No lack, no suffering, no crucifixion - and all that for only one single prostration!

Jesus resisted this offer and earned us the authority to refuse this false genuflection as well. In His name we are given power over all violence of the enemy, however seductive, anonymous or frontal it may confront us. We should already begin to call upon Jesus today, because in His name all knees will have to bend in heaven, on earth and under the earth anyway - and all tongues will confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord to the glory of God the Father!

The flyer "The Unnamed Unknown" by Sr. Joela Krüger is also available through our publishing house.