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Sister Joela KrügerEvangelical Sisterhood of Mary e.V., Darmstadt

Give me a drink

She had not expected that - to be addressed - and then by a stranger! Just
now she could not use something like that.

The small request "Give me a drink" was quickly fulfilled. But then the stranger gave information about aspring nearby. She had the feeling that he was sitting at the edge of the well just to tell her something about it - then she could be spared this tedious running to the well - now it was getting interesting.

"Get your husband and come back," he urged her. "I don't have a husband" she replied " That's right - five men you've had and the one you have now is not your husband." - That hit home.

How does he know that? Here was someone who knew more than anyone else - a prophet? She had to take advantage of that. There were so many disagreements about the God question - one says this, the other says that. This stranger would know more. She gets an answer and feels that what He says is true, that His words are valid for all times:

Salvation comes from the Jews

Of all people, the Jews? They were not very popular with them. Then He spoke of the Father - suddenly an inexplicable homesickness for the Father came over her - strange - her own father was always a strange scary man to her. But this Father is looking for worshippers in spirit and in truth.

She could do something with the Truth - she had just experienced how liberating it is. And with worship? - the recognition of the Truth would be enough for the Father.

Spring of living water

Here she sat at thespring of living waterfor which she had unconsciously sought all her life. Her thirst is quenched, she has found the Messiah: Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews and Savior of the world. She cannot be silent about this. The news of her life-turn spread in the village like wildfire. Everyone wanted to see The One who had accomplished such a thing, and then they experienced the same. Not the expected sensation, but a change of life.

His living water is still available today - not as a bonus for extra take-away - but as a precious gift. The only prerequisite for this is the thirst for Truth. Thirsty for Truth you must be and thirsty for Truth you must remain - nothing more and nothing less.

Sr. Joela Krüger, © Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary e.V., Darmstadt . SJK 8